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Doug Lundy
Doug's in his 29th year with us, having started in 1990. He's
our main orderer of product and spends the rest of his time
specializing in customer service at the front counter and delivering.
For information about all of our many products that we carry
and their availability, he's the man to ask!

Ed Paulhamus
Ed's in his 19th year with us, having started in 2000.
He's our main man out in the mill, having a hand in making
just about every bag of feed that comes out of our place! Also,
he's our Mr. Fix-it, continually working on keeping our 70
year old mill in tip-top shape.

Erin Patton
Erin has been helping out behind the scenes for twelve years now,
but is finally now officially on the payroll. Scott's wife, known
as 'the Mrs.' in all of our radio ads, works on Saturdays
and brings the dogs up with her to 'help' us out all day.
She helps with ordering, inventory, product presentation
and waiting on customers.

Sam Stahlnecker
Sam is a local girl who started with us at the beginning of 2012.
She graduated from PSU with an agribusiness degree and still
regularly milks cows and helps her family in raising cows, horses, pigs,
poultry and all kinds of other critters. She schedules our deliveries
and does quite a few of them herself!

Scott Wenning
Scott is our owner and has been up here ever since he was born in 1976, but started
'officially' helping out in 1991 and then became full-time in 1998. He does our
bookwork, scheduling and accounts receivable. He's the keeper
of the bookstore at the mill and he also is our Saturday fixture
up here. He does all of our radio ads, runs the website and does regular
Amish and local deliveries for us.

Tim Dodge
Tim's in his 20th year with us, having joined the crew in 1999. He is truly our
'go-to' guy up here at the mill. Most days he juggles making feed, ordering product
in for the warehouse and store, doing deliveries and helping out in the store. He
does all of our pet food orders, seed orders and is our main go-between with one of
the biggest companies that we work with, the Whitetail Institute of North America.

Marsha Thomas
Marsha has been threatening to work for us for a few years now
and let us know every time that she stopped in for dog food that
she was going to work here some day...now we're glad to finally
have her on the team! She runs our counter and handles most of
the phone calls and, in general, specializes in customer service.

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